Artículos determinados


1.             love is more important than Money.

2.   I couldn´t hear him because of            noise of the jet

3.   What kind of              music do you listen to?

4.    I think             guitar is the best instrument to play.

5.    I think it´s made of           wood.

6.    I´m studying                 English language.

7.    I don´t use                salt when I´m cooking.

8.  What is                 name of this country?

9.  Can you tell me            time?


LEE ESTAS FRASES Y  PON EL ARTÍCULO (a, an, the, ninguno):

1.    It is better to ask some  questions tan to
know all               answers.

2.                    students run                world.

3.    To succed in              life, you need two things:             ignorance and            confidence.

4.    Go to Heaven for climate,               Hell for                company.

5.    Don´t let school interfere with your education.

6.                   golf is                 good walk spoiled.

7.                   life is tough, but it´s tougher if you´re stupid.

8.    It is wasted day unless you have learned something new and made someone smile.

9.    It is better to have              permanent income than to be            fascinating.

10.  Foundation stones for             balanced success are            honesty,                  character,             

       integrity,              faith,               love and                loyalty.

11.  President has kept all of                  promises he intended to keep.

12.  Never accept                    faiture no matter how often
it visits you.  Keep on going.  Never give up.  Never.

13.  There is no sincerer                love than                  love of food.

14.  Show me             sane  man and I will cure him for you.

15.  Few things are harder to put up with than                 good example.

16.  Happiness is                 good health and                   bad memory.

17.  There are only two ways to live                  life. 

        One is as though nothing  is               miracle. 

        The other is as though everything is                  miracle.


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